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What Are Daily Cases and How Can I Claim Them?
What Are Daily Cases and How Can I Claim Them?

What are daily cases?

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We're introducing Daily Cases, a new type of reward that aims to provide a free daily case to all our eligible users!
The value of the free case varies on your Monthly activity and changes over time as per your activity. Higher the activity relates to a higher value free cases every 24 hours.

You will also have the option to accumulate unclaimed rewards (from VIP, Rakeback and Other Rewards) into a Boosted Case, which will provide the potential of a bigger prize from your Daily case.

Following are some terms regarding the Daily case:

  • The minimum daily case value is $0.50 USD. No case below such value exists.

  • Once you have claimed the daily case, you will have 30 minutes to open it.

  • The value of the case is solely dependent on your 30 day activity, if your 30 day stats change before your next claim, eligibility or the value of the case can change.

  • The minimum monthly XP required to unlock the daily case is 11.8M XP(~$7,000 USD wager). XP Penalties Apply.

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