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What kind of rewards does 500 Casino offer?
What kind of rewards does 500 Casino offer?
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We offer a multitude of rewards for our users which include:

Instant Rakeback: Since your registration, you will generate rakeback for your all eligible bets throughout your journey on 500 Casino, even as a Level 0 player. You can claim this any time, as many times as you want in a day. These rakeback rewards will grow as your rakeback percentage increases every 100 levels.

Level Up Rewards: On top of Rakeback, each time you Level up, you receive a small reward to reach that Level. These rewards stack up and they become significant, as you level up faster in the beginning.

Royale Rewards: For all your bets done, you automatically participate in our Monthly Royale event where you compete with all the users for a special prize based on your ranking throughout the Royale. Betting on Weekends is more advantageous as we're running our 3 day Weekend Royales on top of the Monthly Royale. The prizes for Weekend Royales are much more competitive and rewarding.

Challenges and Promotions: We are running multiple challenges every month for our Sportsbook and Casino games in order to provide additional prizes over certain games or leagues. Check the latest ones on our Blog right away, or in our sidebar.

Giveaways and more: If you are active on social media then make sure to follow us and to participate in our regular giveaways to earn more prizes!

VIP Club rewards: As you reach Level 500, you become a VIP and now gain access to our exclusive VIP Rewards.

Promotional Bonus: You receive a one time bonus for reaching every VIP Tier, starting from VIP Silver (Level 500). Reply to our welcoming message in order to claim the bonus.

Weekly Reloads: Every Friday, you will receive a reload based on your recent activity. Reload percentages and amounts increase with your VIP tier. Weekly reloads increase with your VIP Tier.

Monthly Bonuses: Depending on your monthly activity, you will receive a Monthly bonus around the 15th of every month. Plus if you suffer a loss, a percentage of your losses will be added into your monthly bonus as Lossback.

Monthly bonuses increase with your VIP tier as well.

(Weekly and Monthly bonuses are only available through our Official VIP Telegram channel.)

Birthday Bonus: Once a year, if you are verified VIP Emerald user (Level 800) or above, you will receive a special bonus on your Birthday based on your recent activity. You can claim this by replying to our Happy Birthday message or by contacting Support.

VIP Giveaways: Special giveaways and promos are held for our exclusive VIP users on our socials so being active now becomes even more rewarding!

All these bonuses are very competitive in the industry and they add up to a significant amount of the house edge for your gameplay. As a general rule of thumb, the more you play and the higher your level is, the more rewards you will receive.

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