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How does the new P2P Shop work? (2024)
How does the new P2P Shop work? (2024)
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Due to recent changes made by Valve in terms of CS2 trading and API requests, we're updating how P2P Shop works. Sending and receiving an item remains the same, the changes apply on how they're confirmed on the website.

Once the trade has been made:

Sellers are required to manually confirm that the item has been sent.
Buyers are required to manually confirm that the item has been received.

Once both confirmations have been done, the trade will be considered complete and the funds will be transferred.

Note: Buyers will be able to confirm that they have received the item even if sellers didn't mark the item as sent.

Disputes: A dispute may be opened by either the seller or buyer in these cases:

  • If the seller has sent the item and the trade offer has been accepted by the buyer, the seller can open a dispute and the funds will remain locked while it's resolved.

  • If the buyer has not received any trade offer for the item within time, the buyer can open a dispute.

Note: If the seller marked the item as sent and the buyer didn't act on the listing - didn't confirm nor opened the dispute - we'll automatically open a dispute when the trade timer ends.

All disputed cases are to be manually reviewed by the support team. You're required to contact us and provide video evidence.

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