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What are disputes in P2P? How can I resolve them?
What are disputes in P2P? How can I resolve them?

My item was marked as disputed. What can I do?

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Failure to complete a trade on either the Buyer's side or the Seller's side may lead to the P2P listing being disputed. A dispute can be raised:

  • If the seller has sent the item and the trade offer has been accepted by the buyer. The seller can open a dispute and the funds will remain locked while it's resolved

  • If the buyer has not received any trade offer of the item within time by the seller.

Note: If the seller marked the item as sent and the buyer didn't act on the listing - didn't confirm nor opened the dispute - we'll automatically open a dispute when the trade time ends.
All disputed cases are to be manually reviewed by the support team. You're required to contact us and provide video evidence.

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