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P2P Marketplace & Auctions Rework
P2P Marketplace & Auctions Rework
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Our latest update makes our marketplace a free market, meaning you can now list any item for any price.

In order to start selling, you have to connect your Steam account and set up your Steam Trade URL/Steam API key. You can do it on your profile page.

We need your Steam API key to be able to view your trade history, to ensure your trades on our site are successful. All the API key allows us to do is to view the trade offers you’re making. We will keep it safe and never share it with anyone. We’ll only use it for its intended purpose in the P2P Marketplace.

On the Deposit Page, you can select the items you want to list and set their price.

After you list your items, some of them may be put on auction.

Auctions are meant to solve the issues with botting/race conditions, where the first user who sends the requests - gets the item. With auctions, the one who is willing to pay more, gets the item. Each auction bid increases the item value by 1%.

We don't want users to abuse auctions by re-listing items again and again, so users are limited to 3 auctions per item per 24 hours. Without auctions, your items get listed in the shop straight away and are immediately available to be bought.

In the shop, you can buy items you like just from there, but if you want to see more item details, you can visit the item page.

On this page, you can also place buy orders, which allows you to make an offer to buy the item for your desired price as soon as someone lists it. This feature bypasses auctions. So, once the item is listed, if it matches any buy orders, it gets immediately requested.

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