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Guide to Matchbetting
Guide to Matchbetting
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This article explains the most common terms used when it comes to matchbetting.

Handicap Bets

A handicap bet provides one team with a specific round/maps disadvantage (e.g. -0.5, -1, or +1.5). This makes matches with a superior team more equal and interesting for the bettor.

Example: Rounds Handicap 2.5 e.g. G2 (+2.5) vs. Na.Vi (-2.5)

Note: G2 starts with an advantage of +2.5 rounds, since they're considered being the underdog.

Let's say this is how the match ended: G2 14 - 16 Na.Vi

However, after applying the Handicap: G2 14 (+2.5) - 16 Na.Vi = G2 16.5 - 16 Na.Vi

Conclusion: In the handicap market, G2 won, despite losing the actual match.

Void Bets

When your bet is void it means that a market couldn't be played out and your original bet will be returned, therefore you won’t win any money but you won’t lose it either.

A void bet can occur in a number of situations. For example, if you bet on the third game in a BO3, but the third map won't get played (e.g. because the other team already won).

2-Way Bets

2-Way means that there are only 2 possible outcomes you can bet on:

  • Team A wins

  • Team B wins

3-Way Bets

3-Way means that there are three (3) possible outcomes you can bet on:

  • Team A wins

  • Team B wins

  • Tie

Over/Under Betting

You bet on whether the final number will be over or under the line set by the bookmaker. Over/under 2.5 maps is a common market for CS:GO eSport matches. You can bet on over 2.5 maps (you win if three or more maps have been played in total) or under 2.5 maps (you win if two or less maps have been played in total).

There are just two possible outcomes in over/under betting, which significantly increases the winning chances.

Single/Combo Bets

  • Single Bet: A bet placed on just one selection or market.

  • Combo Bet: A single bet that links two or more bets/individual wagers from different markets, matches & games. In order to win, the combo bet requires all wagers within this bet to win as they are each dependent on each other. Combo bets offer the highest return odds.

Live Bets

Live bets allow you to place bets on selections or markets while the game is already live and the teams are playing. Keep in mind that the odds also change during the match. Once your bet has been submitted, the odds on the selection/market you bet on are fixed for you.

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