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What are the chat rules?
What are the chat rules?
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Use common sense.

No begging, no spamming, no swearing, no spoiling, no advertising without permission. Also, don't forget that advertising your items and listings is permitted only in the Trading chat.

You should also refrain from posting links and keep the chat civil. Being very vulgar or offensive will not be tolerated.

Remember. You can use the "Block User" feature to mute other users, should you find them annoying.

To do that, click on the dot icon next to a user, which appears when you hover your mouse cursor over the nickname in chat.

You can also report a user and exact message you're reporting them for by using the report option. Our moderators will review it and react accordingly.

Additionally, please check if you're in the correct chat room and that you're using the language appropriate for the room you're using.

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